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The land of luxury and fine things, Italians draw pleasure from the small things in life.  When Deepika and Ranbir sway to melodious ‘Khuda Janee’ on the white alleys of Alberobello we are transported to their world. With Classic Roman Architectures, pristine beaches, road side bistros and the Italian sense of fashion exhibited by the two major style Icons of Indian cinema, Bachna E- Haseeno captures the true charm of Italy.

From valleys to mountains, seas to volcanoes, snow to green, the contrast in the landscape is a sight to behold. Great places, amazing food, rich culture, big brands- Italy has something to offer to each traveller. All these reasons and many more make Italy a must visit on your Euro Tour List.

The Filmy Lens : Bachna ae Haseeno

A love quadrangle, with a hero flanked by three lead actresses. Raj Sharma is a young man whose passion for life is refreshing. He goes from one relationship to another which moulds him as a man. After being jilted and jilting all his life, he finally meets the love of his life where he has some major decisions to make. A youth run and youth cast movie, the young and restless generation loved the movie. Not only the entourage of beautiful lead actresses and their acting prowess, but also the breath-taking locations had an integral role to play in drawing in the viewers. For instance, when Ranbir and Deepika croon ‘Khuda jaane’ the audience gasps at the sight of the clear blue-green water and virgin stretch of white sand. Benvenuti in Italia meaning welcome to Italy!

Filmy Locations

Alberobello, Bari, Apulia, Italy

filmyholidays shooting locations

Scene – Part of Khuda Jaane song sequence

The winding roads with picturesque hut-like houses, remember? That is trullo (or, trulli) which is unique and thereby is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This small village was is a part of the province off Bari and these houses were built to act as storehouses or dwelling places for labourers who were associated with agriculture. These conical wonders are mortar free and today are used as restaurants and souvenir shops. For a village it is surprisingly urban and this atmosphere draws in tourists from all over the world.

St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Veneto, Italy

shooting locations

Scene – Khuda Jaane song sequence

Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square is just another public square with some unusually beautiful elements. This square guarantees an overview of Italian way of life in a day’s time. The birds fluttering around, the gift shops tucked in an alley, an aromatic cafe by the road side, the loud Italian families and tourists who come pouring in everyday; all this can be experienced without a streak of boredom tarnish it all. This is the place with all the action. Those of you who are still sceptical about visiting “just another square” would be missing out on a good chunk of the Italian experience. This is a medley of political, social and religious ingredients.

Piazza della Rotonda, Rome, Lazio, Italy

filmyholidays shooting locations

Scene – Raj and Radhika re-encounter

Italy is a land if squares. Those of you who’ve read Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare would know what I am talking of. Squares were an integral part of a city back in those days where the masses would congregate at eminent times. Today, these are shadows of their past glory, but wonderful to experience nonetheless.  A church (the church of Santa Maria Rotonda) at one end, fountains spraying the courtyard and the hustle bustle of a city square is a place to be.

Fontana Della Barcaccia, Rome, Italy

Scene: Small town girl sequence

Fontana della Barcaccia literally means the Fountain of the Old Boat. A part of the ‘Piazza do Spagna’ in Tiber, Rome. In 1598, the region was severely flooded, a boat was found right here in the square after the water withdrew. The then presiding Pope commissioned this fountain of fresh water in the shape of a half-sunken boat. An interesting structure with an equally interesting story, this place must be captured and uploaded at sight.

Sant’Angelo Castle and Bridge, Rome, Italy

Scene –Small town girl sequence

One of the oldest civilization of the world constructed gigantic structures much before the world knew about constructions. A pedestrian bridge in all its glory was constructed in light coloured marble. It connects Ponte and Borgo and looks something straight out of a picture book.

Other movies shot in Italy


Houseful, Rockstar, Jeans

Must see


We are talking about a country and not a state, a country from where history evolved. You need time on your hands to see it all. There’s Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily and then the lesser known dirt-beaten tracks which would infect with joy. But if time is not by your side, make sure to see the following

italy tourism

Pisa– 7 Wonders of the Medieval age, Leaning tower of Pisa is a must visit.  By the bank of Arno River, the contrasting white against the lush green is beautiful beyond words.

Naples– Most of the delicious delicacies and wine come from this region. Devote a day to discover this region and eat to your heart’s content.

Venice– Do not miss out on a long gondola ride. Nothing parallels the glory and charm of this city. Enjoy it while you are there.

Must try

Soak in history– You hated history in school? The kind of history Italy offers is very different from the ones taught back in school. Check out the Vatican museum, the ruins of Pompeii, Basilica di San Marco, Museo Archilogico Nazionale and some more. The intricate designs, the life-like paintings and god-men would enthral you.

Soak in religion– Passionate god seekers. Italy has more churches than one cares to count. The centre of religion, head into the nearest church. The architecture is as thrilling as their religion. Soak in all the interesting mythological tales.

Soak in the green– Head toward Villa Borghese, one of the most celebrated park of all times.

Sale e Tabacchi– Unlike its tongue twisting name, the delicacy here melts right on your tongue and slides down to make a place in your heart. Open Colonna and Le Grazette are other gourmet meal providers. Enjoy lazy afternoons sipping on the finest of wines, dine and enjoy the best party lifestyle. Do forget the pizza, pasta and espresso.

Getting there

By air- Air India, Jet Airways, Luftahansa, Kuwait Aiways, Swiss Air, British Airways, Air France and other major airlines of the world operate regular flights to Rome’s Fiumicino airport from Mumbai and Delhi. Only Jet airways provide direct flights to Italy.

By rail: One can reach Italy from the United Kingdom in a single day by Eurostar & TGV high-speed train

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