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Kerala is originally Keralam, literally means ‘Land of coconut trees’, is a combination of two words ‘Kera’ means Coconut tree and ‘Alam’ means land in malyalam. More than one third of total coconut production in India comes from Kerala.

The lush green, the quite back-waters, the raging sea, then the quite ones, the slurp-worthy food, the warm inhabitants, the picturesque landscape, the well maintained reservoirs and sanctuaries, the hill stations, the list is long , it would surely come across a country in itself.

Kerala, God’s own country. You must visit this state to know the eminence of this tagline.

Filmy Lens: Dil Se

A love story where Amar Verma , producer for Indian new radio, fancies himself in love with Meghna, an enigmatic woman he bumps into on station. This meeting takes place at a time when Amar is posted in some northern province. After two meetings, Meghna leaves Amar love struck, but she is evasive by nature. She doesn’t show any interest in him and keeps dissuading his advances. After his course of visit comes to an end, Amar moves back home to Delhi where he is introduced to his parent’s choice for him, Preeti. A modern girl with a modern view point, Amar and Preeti are just about perfect for each other. Amar is ready to forget all about Meghna and is about to start a new chapter in his life when ill-fate knocks on his door (i.e. Meghna). Meghna needs a shelter to hide her head and asks Amar to do her a favour of providing her with one. Amar suffices ignorant of Meghna’s intent of being in town. A terrorist by preference, Meghna is a suicide bomber who comes down to Delhi with a purpose of wrecking havoc on the city and its inhabitants (which is later witnessed by Amar as she blows herself right in front of his eyes).


Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady

Scene: Jiya jale song sequence

If news is your fuel then you would recollect the hottest topic which burned in every new room a year back- the Mullaperiyar dam row between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Though both the states have been debating over the dam’s proprietorship for over a decade now, in the course of which the main purpose of the dam being constructed has been forgotten. In 1895, a dam was built across this river to make the artificial lake of Periyar.  A visit here is a must. It is the rarest and adrenaline injecting experience to witness wild animals like tigers, wild boars and many more in close proximity. You can hire a boat or a jeep and forge into the kingdom of animals. Sling your camra along as you would want to miss the wild herd of elephants or the lone tiger on prowl or the lake teeming with colourful fishes in action.

Athirapally Falls

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Scene: Jiya jale song sequence

Located in Thrissur, the Athirapally falls is the largest waterfall in Kerala and is about 78 kms away from Kochi (or, Ernakulum). It draws a major chunk of tourist every year that come to witness the ethereal beauty of the region. The lush green forests and the sparking blue-green water are strangely hypnotising. They say the best time to visit this region is during the rainy reason, but trust me a visit paid to this region during the so called off-season is equally joy-giving and exciting.The waterfall falls on the Chalakkudy River from a height of about 80ft above the ground. Not very far from this location lies the “Niagara of India “i.e. the Vazhachal Falls. One has to devote a day or two to the Athirapally region to see everything and discover every water fall which crowd this region.

Alleppey Backwaters

Scene: Jiya jale song sequence

Heaven’s have been so gracious to this state that they have been blessed with a replica of Venice. The “Venice of the east” i.e. Alleppy is an experience which cannot be experienced in any other part of the country. The boat house, the men with corded muscles rowing the boat, the tranquillity of the back waters, everything sounds so calm and peaceful that one may imagine being lulled to sleep. But that is unlikely to happen. Such is the beauty of the region that it would keep you wide awake and visions of this beauty would forever remain with you. A part of this lake is nature’s gift while another part of it is man’s gift to himself. All in all, it is a lot of lakes in succession of each other which are fed by over 38 rivers, thereby contributing to its everlasting and never subsiding water. You can fish, watch people fish, lounge, take pictures, go boating, see fish farming and do a lot of other things which you’ve never ever done before. The star attraction is the Aranmula Snake Boat Race which draws locals and tourists alike every year. A desi version of the videsi rowing competition in Olympics, this is filled with more energy and of course, more celebration. If the waters bring in a surge of boredom then wander into the picturesque town of Alleppey and discover pristine white churches (a lot of them are found in this town) and the pretty yellow and blue coloured cafes (a strong remnant of colonialism).

Others locations in the movie worth visiting


Pangong Lake, Ladakh; Alchi Monastery, Ladakh; Basgo Gompa, Ladakh; Thikshey Gompa, Ladakh; Ooty, Tamil Nadu


Other movies shot in Kerala


Raavan, Guru, Chennai Express, Nishabd, Madras Cafe

Must see

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The colourful man: An amazing mixture of art, tradition and fashion, go and watch the Kathakali dance performance. Catch the historical and traditional dance in action and be transfixed.

Munnar: Hill-station amidst the land of sea is a sight to behold. The coffee and tea plantation, the pleasant climate, there is nothing about Munnar which one would come to hate.

Kochi: Bring out your walking shoes and explore this city. The small cafe’s tucked into the corner, the open roads flanked with long trees, the modern lifestyle with a dash of the vintage one; explore the city and its forts.

See sea: It is well known for its sea front and giving the sea front a miss would be a foolish affair. The pristine white sand and crystal clear water is a must visit. Try Varkala, Marari, Bekal and others.


Must try

Row your boat: Everybody must experience Venice at least once, may it that of the west or closer home in Kerala. Row your boat or pay someone else to do the job, but cruising along the backwater should be on the top of your list.

Unknot the tense knots: Kerala produces the largest number of doctors in the country, so healing comes naturally to them. When in Kerala, get yourself treated the way our ancestors treated themselves- Ayurvede. And if you are healthy as a horse and tense like a dog, then get yourself messaged. The dripping essential oils, the mud bag treatment and god-knows-what-not-devine treatment which is advertised on the television must be experienced by all at least once in this lifetime.

Sadya and then some: Don’t be sissy and shy away from the delicious spicy food. Try the traditional sadya with chor, aviail, sambhar, pachaddi, toran and many other dished topped with the mouth-watering payasam. The dishes sound alien? Well, the food won’t! Malayali’s know how to cook their non-veg pretty well. Try the stewed and spicy version of meat as well.

Getting there

By train: Every major city in the country has direct train connectivity to God’s own country. It is a major tourist attraction and therefore has a smooth and hassle less transport connectivity with the other states.

By air: Same goes for the airway as the railway. It has some major airports with direct flight connectivity from almost all over the country.

By road: The roads from Kerala to other states are every riders or drivers dream. If road ways thrill you then hop into your ride and make your way down to Kerala on any of the 8 national highways the state boasts of.

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