dil chahta hai

The land down under or Australia has acted as a prison for the British in the past. The place was infamous for its population consisting of crooks and murderers (and of course, the wrongly accused, as well). But they seemed to have turned out just well today.

Statistics claim that in a year’s time more than a fraction of the Indian population head down to Australia. May it be the Kangaroos, the Kuala, the stunning beaches, the Opera house or the shared colonial past, Australia has always charmed Indians.

Dil Chahta Hai was majorly shot in Sydney which is often confused as the capital of Australia due to the extent to which the country endorses it (Canberra is the capital of Australia). The enchanting city is unlike any city in the world. They say before you head west, discover places parallel to them in your own country. To witness and experience Australia you have to visit Australia, as it has no parallels in any other part of the world.

The Filmy Lens – Dil Chahta Hai

Three friends and the story of their navigation through life make up Dil Chahta Hai. College goers in the beginning, their perspective towards love and life are poles apart from each others. While Aaaksh Malhotra meets the love of his in the college grad party, it takes him some considerable time for the truth to dawn on him. Sameer on the other hand is fixed up by his parents with a girl of their choice, whom he courts and eventually falls in love with. Sid, the last of the trio is an artistic soul who falls hard for a woman who has a daughter if his own age. And while these life-altering decisions and events shapes their friendship beyond their wildest imaginations, in the end they reunite to find the love lost between them. Dil Chahta Hai was the first of its kind in the country. The movie made an impact on the young mass’s mind and opened up their view towards life. It portrayed the youth of the country who were ready to ride into the dawn of change. The stunning landscapes in which the movie was shot, the road trips and the exhaustive account of Australia shackled the audience to the screens.

Filmy Locations

Sydney Opera House


Scene: Song: Jaane Kyun Log Pyaar Karte Hain

This architectural wonder is the work of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and often enthrals its visitors. One would never tire of watching this wonder. It is originally a performing arts centre. It is pleasantly located between the Sydney Central Business district and the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you have plans to head down under, then try visiting the city at the end of the year and watch the fireworks go off on New-Year eve.

Hyde Park, Sydney


Scene: song: Jaane Kyun Log Pyaar Karte Hain

Central park of the southern hemisphere, Hyde Park is just not a park it is a man-made wonder. The Royal Botanical Garden, the water bodies which pepper the garden, the animals and their quite retreat, the park is a piece of heaven. The 40-acres land on which the park lies cannot be explored in a day’s time. Flanked by some very famous landmarks like Elizabeth Street, College Street, St. James road and Prince Albert , this garden should be on your ‘to visit ‘list.

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Scene: ‘Jaane Kyun Log Pyaar Karte Hain’ Sequence

‘The Coat Hanger’ or the Sydney Harbour Bridge coins its sobriquet from its arch-shaped design. Near the awe-inspiring Sydney Opera House, the bridge looks quite dramatic with the world heritage in the backdrop. Made of steel to facilitate the commutation of vehicles, pedestrian traffic and bicycles, standing on the bridge would bring a tide of indescribable feelings.

Luna Park, Sydney


Scene: Amusement Park Scene with Aakash and Shalini

It isn’t just a park it is an amusement park and who doesn’t like an amusement park? The rush adrenaline on a giant wheel, the quick hot lunch, a stroll down a lake, the sight of kids on horse rides, Luna Park is an amusement park with a lot to offer. It is constructed at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and onlookers are often baffled by its location. But it’s worth paying a visit.

Milsons Point Railway Station, Sydney


Scene: Song: Tanhaiyi

If you just said, “It’s just another station”, then hold your horses as it is not just another station. It is what Grand Central is in New York and Mumbai local is in Mumbai. If you head down from India, then a train ride and railway station tour in Australia is a must. It connects Milsons Point to Kirribilli.

Waverley Cemetery, Sydney


Scene: Song: Tanhaiyi

We all love cemeteries, you don’t? What if I told you this is where most famous individuals are buries. Well, Waverley Cemetery is one such place in Sydney where one of the famous poets namely Henry Lawson is buried and many more are buried. There are over 86,000 mausolea in there and the cemetery is quite legendary (Movies like Tim has been shot here in the past). If you’ve missed out on the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and Kensal Green Cemetery in London then Waverley would make up for that.

Macquaire Lighthouse, Sydney


Scene: Song: Tanhaiyi

In its glorious past, it used to be one of its kinds in Australia, today it is a tourist attraction spot. Located on Dunbar Head the South Head Upper Light is a more recent version of the one in the past. Being a tourist attraction doesn’t mean it’s non-functional, it’s very much functional (in fact, it is one of the longest functional lighthouses in Australia) and is owned by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

Other locations shot in the movie worth a visit

Goa, Mumbai

Other movies shot in Australia

Shadi ke side effects, Chak de India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Singhh is Kingg

Must see

Art Gallery of New South Wales: A feast for the eyes: the institute boasts of unique art works, head into it when in Sydney.

Sydney Aquarium, Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay: These places educate you about the flora and fauna which reside in the water bodies. Plunge into the blue and clear water and see them fishes up, close and personal!

White Rabbit Gallery: A contemporary Chinese art gallery down-under, this is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. Definitely head into it when in Sydney!

Must try

Paddington Market: Get lost in this haven for shoppers and accumulate souvenirs, gifts (for friends and of course, yourself).

Conservatorium Wednesday: If music is your weakness then head to the premier musical school in Australia. Their classical music performances are intoxicating.

Become a leech for beach: Manly ferry from Circular quay, Balmoral Beach, Palm Beach, Bondi; you are surrounded with water, so enjoy it as long as the trip lasts.

Adventure Sport: Sports is a religion in Australia and adventure sports are aplenty. Skiing, Bungee jumping and many more, get your dose of an adrenaline rush when in Sydney.

Getting there

By air: Almost every airline in India goes down to Sydney. Head towards the nearest International airport and head to the aboriginal land.

By water: If you’ve time to kill and airways don’t thrill you that much, then take a cruise line from the Port of Chennai or that of Mumbai.

Best time to visit Sydney

This metropolis is never tires of tourists. People come pouring in year around. But if you are a stickler for ‘seasons’, then head down anytime from December to February.


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