Spain literally means ‘dark green’. With a population of 46 million people, Spain lies in the south-western Europe. The Hispania has played an integral role in world history. Visit to this country would guarantee you being transported back into time.

Diverse and breath taking landscapes, vibrant food & culture, rich traditions and all this amidst lot of fun & adventure opportunities is why Spain stands out amongst tourist destinations.

The  Filmy Lens : Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara

travel to spain

It was the most-talked about movies of the year, more for its locations than its plot. The picturesque landscape which rolled past while driving down to different places achingly beautiful. The story predominantly revolves around three friends who years after passing out of college decide to embark on a journey planned back in the college days. Kabir, Arjun and Imran set out on journey which changes them in many ways. While enjoying the trip teach gets time to re-evaluate the decisions they’ve made in life. Kabir is engaged with someone with whom he has no desire to be with, Arjun meets someone new and Imran meets his biological father. Things take a turn, sometimes life is sunny-side up other times it is pitch dark. Yet gets to know themselves better and their bond gets stringer as well.

Filmy Locations

Barcelona Airport, Spain



Scene: Three friends reach Barcelona

It is the main airport of the centre of Barcelona, Catalonia and is the 31st busiest airport in the world. It is about a 20 drive away from Catalonia. This is the first place you will encounter. And the moment you step out of the terminal and get introduced with the country, the feeling of exhilaration would stay with you forever.

Montserrat Mountains, Spain

Travel to spain

Scene: Hrithik Roshan makes a video call on their way

It is pretty famous for hosting Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary at Benedictine Abbey, Sanat Maria de Montserrat. In Arthurian myth this location is identified to be the Holy Grail. In Catalan the name literally means “saw mountain”. And once you see the mountain that’s all you will see. It is huge, beautiful and multi-peaked. The main peaks are 1,236m, 1,120 m and 903m tall. From a distance the mountain has every shade of pink (a contribution of the sedimentary rocks in the region). The striking pink and the lush green in the surrounding make it frame worthy.

Lloret de Mar Beach

zindagi Milegi na dobara

Scene: The introductory scene of Katrina Kaif where Farhan Akhtar flirts with her

Spain and its beaches are world famous. Lloret de Mar attracts tourists from across the globe. The clear blue water is enticingly inviting. This famous holiday spot of Costa Brava is 40 kilometres away from Girona and 75 kilometres away from Barcelona. There are many other beautiful beaches in and around and this scene particularly was originally shot in a nude beach.

Alájar, Spain

Zindagi Milegi na dobara Spain

/flickr/mjcabello & /flickr/alonso

Scene: Senorita song

And while the Flamenco dancers made us groove most us missed out on this beautiful town. It is located in the province of Huelva and has a meagre population of 771 inhabitants. It is a stunning town where one would enjoy getting lost in. Whether, it is stroll through the town or enjoying the balmy summer nights celebrating, this town will charm you.The olive trees the architecture and the laid back lifestyle is hypnotising.


la tomatina

Scene: Ek junoon – La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatino gained fans in India post this movie. A food fight festival where the entire city gets down on the street and has a tomato fight, this is a festival is an experience of a lifetime. This festival is crowned with the title of ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’. Over one hundred metric tonnes of overripe tomatoes comes loaded into the city during the fest, needless to say these are all utilised.  The festival lasts for a week with loads of good music, parades, paella cooking contests, dancing and fireworks. There is an endless source of entertainment throughout the day and throughout the week as well. The festival draws in a crowd of around 20,000 every year..

Skydive Empuriabrava

sky diving ZNMD


Spain or no Spain, skydiving is always an adrenaline pumping activity. If you looking for a beautiful spot to try this sport, try the Skydive Empuriabrava. It is one of the largest harbours in the world. It initially was business with 5 employees, today it has more than 40 of them and a double century of tourists come rushing in every year to try skydiving and other adventure sports as well.

San Fermin Festival – The Pamplona Bull Run

bull race

Scene: The final Bull Run

The movie bids us a bye at this scene. And it is a frightful and exciting scene. Every year from the 6thto the 14th of July this festival is celebrated in Navarra region. This festival is celebrated in commemoration of the patron saint of Navarra. But there is no trace of religion throughout the celebration. Seeing the raging bulls storming through the city would inspire awe.

P.S – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is the only bollywood movie to be shot in spain till date.

Must see

Discover cities and town: Spain is home to numerous charming little towns and cities. If you can stand the heat (usually during August), then set out discover these places with a companion and some good walking shoes. You are in for a treat of your life. The entire city and its parts are soaked in a rich culture. May it be discovering a small cobbled pathway or dancing with the dancers at the square or enjoying brunch in a humble restaurant, Spain needs time to be enjoyed. Do not forget to pay a visit to the city of Seville.

spain towns & cities


Pilgrimage: Home to many religious saints, pilgrimage is a way of life in Spain. If you are a religious one then visit places like the Camino de Santiago, Burgos Cathedral, Avila Cathedral, León Cathedral . There are many more. And places where these pilgrims are located guarantee a unique view of the city (which can be enjoyed even by atheists).

Leon Cathedral

Leon Cathedral                                                                                                                   Image Credit – flickr/michael&sandy

Art Gallery: Spain is an art hub. And if art doesn’t interest you much, a walk around the art museum here would reform you into an art lover.  Home of great artists like Pablo Picasso and Kuntz, the art gallery here is worth paying a visit (art lover and art haters). Museo Nacional del Prado (Popularly called El Prado), The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, The National Museum “Centro de Arte Reina Sofia”etc. visit them all.

visit spain-art gallery

Credit – flickr/mbell1975

Beaches: The Spanish beaches look something straight out of a picture card. It has more than 5000 coastline which would spoil you for choice. This is a land of some the best beaches in the world like La Concha beach, Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia, Playa del Silencio, Asturias etc.

spain beaches- visit spain


Bull fight:  We all have seen ‘El Matador’ on reel life. A visit to Spain gives you an opportunity of a lifetime- to see a bull-fight in person. An hour or two at the stadium would be an emotional joyride.

spain bull fight

Must try :

Flamenco show: When in Spain, have a “Senorita” moment and enjoy a flamenco show. This is not just a folk culture but is explosively infectious. The colour, the rhythm and the entire energy involved is transfixing.

Eat: A trip to a new land should never be accompanied with food which is old and eaten daily. Try out some new and mouth-watering delicacies.  Celebration and food always go hand in hand. And Spain is a land of celebration. Do not forget to eat Paella (if sea food is your poison, this is the dish to gorge on). Then there is Cochinillo Asado, Pulpo a la Gallega, Gambas Ajillo and a lot more.

Road trip: Inspired by a movie, then it should be done exactly like the movie. Call friends, beloved and others who’ll keep you company on a road trip through this exotic land.

Shopping:  Bershka and the likes are some exclusive Spanish brands internationally loved. Spain is a shopper friendly and a haven for shopaholic. May it be big labels or small souvenir shops; it’s a joy to shop in this country. Get lost in El Rastro Flea Market or absorb the ambience of Mercado de Colon or gasp at the site of Spain’s largest stores El Corte Ingles. After shopping in Spain you may have to visit a shrink to get rid of the obsession.

Nature lover’s paradise: The green, the mountain and the valley is breathtaking and set amidst the lush bosom of nature, national reservoirs and sanctuary draw in tourists. May it be Park Guell or Donana National Park, Spain is a green paradise in every sense of the word.

How to get there:

By air: There are direct flights from India to Spain. Talks are on about direct flights from India to Catalonia as well. Madrid and Barcelona have been time and again ranked as the busiest airport in the world.  Ibiza, Sivilla and many other locations in Spain boasts of an international airport. 4934.47 miles would just be a figure once you get on a flight!

By water: There are luxury cruise lines which would transport you from India to Spain.

Best time to be there:

July and August brings sees tourists pouring into the country. It is warm, but can be too hot at places. September and October are considered to be a little pleasant to get a tan.


Best Places to stay:

Alma, Barcelona

La Vista de Medina, Andalucia

Primero Primera Barcelona

Grand Hotel La Perla, Pamplona


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